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Key People

Committed to the Cause


La Tanya Pitts-Lipprand

CEO & Founder

La Tanya Pitts-Lipprand is the Founder and President of Marlene’s Kaleidoscope, a nonprofit Lupus advocacy organization serving the Greater Kansas City area.  La Tanya was born and raised in Kansas City and is a lupus survivor of 27 years. After a high-risk pregnancy, her health spiraled and was given only 3 years to live. Determined to survive and thrive, she committed herself to become an expert on everything Lupus. 
La Tanya’s fierce dedication lead to her becoming the model, educator, and resource for not only survivors but doctors. She quickly developed a vision for creating a support network to help survivors with diagnosis, treatment, pain management, and personal support.
Now, with momentum building for Marlene's Kaleidoscope, she is even more committed to growing awareness, improving the quality of life for survivors and ultimately finding a cure.